Our Stained Glass Windows

Our Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows of Wolfe Island United Church were designed and made for the glory of God by local resident and artist, Linda Sutherland, who humbly acknowledges her ability as a gift from the Creator.  The windows were installed by Bob Wilson

Artist’s Biography

Linda Sutherland lives on Wolfe Island in a log home that she, and her husband Dale, built with their two children, Jennifer and Joshua.  Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, the couple immigrated to Ontario in 1974.

Linda was educated at St. Louis University, University of Colorado, Indiana State University and Queen’s University.  She taught high school Spanish and traveled extensively (North, Central and South Americas, Europe and North Africa) with her husband before starting a family.  While stain home to raise her children, she developed and has worked a stained glass business since 1980.  When her children were grown, Linda began to study painting, sculpture, printmaking and art history at Queen’s University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000.

The windows


Photo Credit: Craig Pettis

Joseph the Carpenter

Given in 1996 by Arthur and Geneva Keyes and family in memory of grandparents George and Maria who helped to construct this church building in 1886.  The placement of the window is nearest the choir, where the Keyes family has always sat and sung.

Based on Psalm 84 and Matthew 7:24-25

The Good Shepherd

Given in 1996 by the Pyke children (Grant, Robert, George, and Janet each represented by the four sheep in the window) and their families, in memory of their parents, George Pyke and Gladys Dignum.  They were farmers, shepherds and fishers living at the edge of the St. Lawrence River.

Based on Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:11, and John 10:11-15.

Garden of Gethsemane

Given in 1997 by Inda and George Spafford and family in memory of her parents, Allen and Mildred Keyes.  They were farmers who were very active in the church and believed in the power of prayer.

Based on Matthew 26:36-41

Jesus, Pilot Me

Given in 1999 by Leath and Ruth Davis and Marilyn and Bob Greenwood and families in memory of their father Captain Henry Davis and uncle Captain Oliver Davis and their wives Gladys and Mary.  The marine theme honours the long line of sailors, sea captains and lighthouse keepers in their family always on lakes and river.

Based on Hebrews 6:19, Mark 4:41 and the hymn “Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me.”

Suffer the Little Children Come unto Me

Given in 2000 by Dr. Jim and Maureen Day in love and appreciation for their daughter Jennifer and her infant son Aidan.  Jennifer is a Veterinarian and lover of animals, nature, children, and all of God’s Creation.

Based on Mark 10:13-16

Parable of the Sower

Given in 1998 by Bill and Jack Allum and families in memory of their parents, Leslie and Muriel Allum.  As farmers on and off of the island the parable of the sower was chosen as a fitting theme.

Based on Matthew 13:3-9

Jesus Knocking at the Door

Given in 1996 by the deRuiter family in memory of Marinus and Johanna.  A hard working farmer, Mr. de Ruiter had large, strong hands that he used Sunday to pull the rope to ring the bell and to welcome the parishioners with a hearty handshake at the door.

Based on Revelations 3:20

Sermon on the Mount

Given by wife Sheila and sons Andrew and David in memory of John Cotton, who ministered to this congregation from 1978 to 1990.  His gift was teaching.  The water and the chalice in the window symbolize baptism and communion, the tow sacraments he held most dear.

Based on Matthew 5-7.

The Vestibule

The Nativity Story
Elaine Berry

The Carpenter
In memory of Jim Berry.

Father Eugene Thomas O’Reilly
The most recent window was dedicated on Thanksgiving Sunday 2005 in memory of the late Fr. Eugene Thomas O’Reilly, CSB, pastor of Sacred Heart of Mary Church (1999-2003).  A Roman Catholic priest, a true Wolfe Islander, a lifelong ecumenical advocate and a highly regarded member of the island community.  Born and raised on the Island, he was the brother of Rose Coffey, Father Edward, Francis and Theresa Fargo.

The cross represents Christian faith.  The dove represents peace and the tree is symbolic of his devotion to nature.  Father Gene had the foresight to plant hundreds of trees on family properties at Reed’s Bay.

The stained glass and the accompanying plaque celebrates the life of a gentle kind and faithful Wolfe Islander.