Living Our Mission

Mission Statement of Wolfe Island United Church
As a faithful Christian gathering
Wolfe Island United Church is committed to
learning and following the teaching of Jesus,
building community, and helping others,
through our actions of active love of neighbours,
individual growth towards personal wholeness,
openness and welcome to strangers in our midst,
and sharing with others in need.

Our church is very involved in the Wolfe Island community.  Our hall is used by the Wolfe Island Historical Society for their meetings as well as our fall series on Wednesday over the noon hour, the Lunch Bunch, where members of the community are invited to provide informal talks about various places they have traveled to around the world.  Every two years. A St. Patrick’s Day Seniors Luncheon with entertainment is held in our church hall.  The hall is also used for funeral lunches (no charge), anniversary and birthday parties as well as our regular board and UCW meetings.  A health club also meets in the hall every Tuesday afternoon.