Christmas Pageant

Wolfe Island Community Christmas Pageant

hosted by and at Wolfe Island United Church on Sunday December 9

Live from Bethlaham

Includes Christmas carol singing and Christmas goodies to follow show.
Wolfe Island community children, with Hadley McCall Thackston, will be presenting a contemporary look at the old, old, story of Jesus’ birth.
Music provided by Chris Brown accompanied by local musicians.

Special thanks to
Hadley McCall Thacktson
Chris Brown

Cast of Characters
Elizabeth (News Anchor)                                     Caylin Turner
Irene (On the scene Reporter)                           Sienna Turner
Esther Jones                                                           Chloe Pyke
Dave Jones and Angelo the Inn Keeper            David deTombe
Commercial Announcer                                      Jacob Hansen
Sheckel Smith and Obadiah                                William deTombe
Magi Mike                                                               Aiden Johnson
Magi Melissa                                                           Annie deTombe
Magi Mark                                                              Se Byne
Sam the Shepherd                                                 Elijah Van Vliet
Shepherds                                                               Felix Calnan
                                                                                  Leo Clanan
Sheep                                                                        Edmund deTombe
                                                                                   Maeve Byne
                                                                                  Anneliese VanVliet
Star of Bethlehem                                                  Athena Howden
Mary                                                                         Raine Howden
Joseph                                                                       Donna Morton
Baby Jesus                                                                Cora Howden
Special appearance by                                         Hadley McCall Thacktson