United Church Women

Wolfe Island United Church Women (UCW)


Wolfe Island United Church Women’s group meets the third Thursday afternoon each month. Each month has a Role Call where each member contributes to a chosen charity/benefit. The meetings deal with any church business which concerns the group. A worship time is followed by a lunch and social hour.

The group organizes our two major fundraising dinners – the Fall Turkey Supper and the Spring Fish Fry – with a great deal of help not only from all church members, but, in fact from the community at large. It also sponsors the Lunch Bunch Travellog for 8 weeks in the fall. Of course any other functions which come up are usually organized by this group.

The UCW’s mission is to love God; foster Christian commitment, faithfulness, and spirituality; and promote respect and love for all God’s creation.

Any woman “willing to contribute her prayers, gifts, and services for the work of the Church” may join the United Church Women (UCW). Along with providing important networking and social bonding opportunities, the UCW has led discussions on, for example, feminism and restorative justice. Indeed, says Moderator Jordan Cantwell, United Church Women are the “hands and feet” of the church.

A Brief History

In 1962 the UCW (United Church Women) was created as the successor to the Woman’s Missionary Society (WMS), a world mission-oriented service and study group that supported almost 100 active missionaries around the world. The Woman’s Association (WA) at that time focused on work in the local church and community. Guilds and Ladies’ Aids were the WA’s forerunners; in the early years, these units went unrecorded, just doing what needed to be done, spiritually, financially, and socially.

Today, that spirit of generosity continues in active UCWs in congregations, presbyteries, and Conferences from coast to coast to coast, united in expressing their devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship, and service.